Peri Peri Masala

This masala is perfect for marinades, red masala dishes, prawns, masala eggs, peri peri garlic rolls etc. The list is endless.

Memon Aknee Masala

A traditional memon akni style masala that doesn’t just smell amazing it tastes even better. Memon Akni? Need we say more?
Making Akni is so easy. You can even use this in your chicken roast. It’s yummy!

Green Masala

This masala has dhannia and jalapenos. It’s used in any and every dish. Use it in curry kitchri, pasta, fillings, dhai, grilled fish and so much more. It has garlic. No ginger. This is a must in every kitchen.

Ginger Garlic Masala

This masala is for everyday cooking and marinating. Whether its curries, rice dishes, grills it’s for everything. You simply NEED this!!

Exotic Fish and Prawn Marinade

A ready to use tangy marinade that can be used on its own or mixed with your own marinades. It’s delish. You can even use this in fish akni or biryaani. It’s definitely time saving and tasty!

Kholvad Style Biryaani Masala

Who doesn’t love biryaani?? And that too traditional Kholvad Style? From what I know the Kholvads are known for their delicious aromatic biryaani! A ready marinade you can use for chicken or mutton biryaani. Try this masala in your kalya as well and taste the magic. You will be licking your fingers!

Alipoor Roast Chicken Marinade

A traditional roast chicken marinade that will leave you satisfied. You don’t need to add anything it’s really a winner. The Alipoors definitely got it right. You can use this in so many ways. The recipes with this marinade are endless.

Haajiani’s Lamb Karai Masala

Who doesn’t love delicious karai with some hot parathas? Absolutely simple to make and absolutely divine! You can use in any lamb curry as well and chicken too!

Methi Masala

For mango atchaars and carrot atchaars. As well as vegetable curries it gives a very different flavour. Try it. Be adventurous!

Nanimas Style Chop and Steak Marinade

Who doesn’t love their nanis food? We may try different styles of food but traditional is best. A ready marinade you can change it up a bit for different tastes with mushroom sauce etc. Or just have it on its own. It’s really very easy!

Dadimas Style Green Chutney

We don’t just love nanis cooking we love dadis too! Freshly ground green chutney perfect for wraps, haji ali sandwiches and savouries! Available only in Ramadhaan!

Sujees Chilli Sauce

A yummy tangy chilli sauce that has everyone raving and loving it! Perfect for sandwiches and savouries! Available only in Ramadhaan!

Moroccan Chai Masala

A cup of tea is the best relaxant after a day at work or when the kids are gone to sleep! Why not try our strong chai masala that will leave you satisfied. We have got together with some of our Moroccan Family and come up with this Arab style chai. It’s delish!

Mumbai Chai Masala

An aromatic comforting Indian Tea that will leave you feeling a sense of home.. Its not as strong as our morrocan chai but very tasty and good for your wellbeing..